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May 04

Guinea Pigs – Vet Care for Your Cavy

Guinea pigs are not the most robust of animals. As such, they can succumb to an illness more quickly than many other species. Veterinary care should be sought more readily than it might be for cats, for example. But vets see many more cats than guinea pigs. This is a combination of the practice of …

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Apr 18

Guinea Pigs – Grooming Guidelines For Your Cavy

Guinea pigs are fairly easy to care for. They enjoy a big cage and won’t show signs of stress being confined, unless they’re left alone all day. But they still require some hair and nail grooming in order to remain in top health. Fortunately, taking care of those tasks is simplicity itself. For short-haired breeds, …

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Apr 17

Guinea Pigs – Cavy Medications, Good and Bad

Treating guinea pigs requires specialized knowledge. While they’re similar to rabbits and other mammals (including humans, in important ways), they are a distinctive species. They can’t be given some of the medications that work well with others. They require some that are used chiefly with cavies. The Bad Penicillin is one drug that makes the …

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Mar 18

Guinea Pigs – The Cavy Diet

Guinea Pigs, known to enthusiasts and professionals as cavies, are herbivores – they eat plant matter. Grassy hay is at the top of the list. Timothy hay is among the best options, though alfalfa can be fed in small quantities. Alfalfa, a legume not a grass, has more protein and carbohydrates, so it’s more commonly …

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Nov 16

Guinea Pigs – Accessories For Your Cavy

Guinea Pigs are docile, but not completely sedentary. They enjoy burrowing, exploring and interacting with animals and other elements in their environment. Giving them lots of variety will keep them mentally active for those hours you’re away. That helps keep them stimulated, a vital component of an overall health program. Animals with nothing to do …

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