Category: Guinea Pigs

Jul 16

Guinea Pigs – 13 Cavy Breeds

Professionals recognize 13 official breeds of guinea pig or cavy, though several more are popular. Within this set is a group of differently colored types that add further variety to this amazing animal. To top it off, there are ‘satin’ varieties, in which the hair shafts are hollow, giving them an ultra-shiny appearance and smooth …

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Jun 18

What’s a Guinea Pig?

The question posed in the title is a legitimate one. Even though guinea pigs are familiar, they’re neither pigs nor do they hail from Guinea. These rodents, originating from the Andes mountains in South America, are so similar to rabbits they were nearly reclassified. They’re commonly called a cavy, a derivation of their scientific name. …

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Jun 17

Guinea Pigs – Cavy Behavior

Guinea pigs, or cavies, are like any other species in having a number of distinctive behaviors. Within that broad outline, of course, each pig will have its own peculiarities. It’s the latter that makes detailing the former a little tricky. Most guinea pigs enjoy companionship, both of other cavies and of humans. How do we …

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May 18

Guinea Pigs – Do Your Cavy Homework

Guinea pigs are cool, but they’re also a little different from most other animals. That creates the need for a little investigation into these unique animals. Guinea Pigs, known as cavies among professionals and enthusiasts, make excellent animal companions. They have a range of interesting behaviors and they’re ultra-easy to care for. They come in …

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